Lesson Information

General Information

Drive Right offers lessons in both manual and automatic vehicles are available, both equipped with various safety features.
A lesson lasts 1 hour with double lessons also available.
Lessons times are very flexible and are available between 7.30am - 8pm weekdays.
Lessons are also available most weekends and public holidays.

Lesson Stages

Students will work through 3 stages of lessons, the stage the student begins at will depend on their prior experience and competence.

Stage 1 - Building a foundation
Using quiet straight roads out of town until confident, with the main focus on:
  • Clutch control
  • Gear changes
  • Car control
  • Steering
Stage 2 - Traffic skills
Simple traffic conditions using quiet residential streets until confident, with the main focus on:
  • Left turns, right turns, roundabouts, turning lanes, parking
  • Observation skills (mirror checks, blind spot checks, scanning, etc.)
  • Signaling
  • Safety Margins
  • Road positioning eg (approaching and exiting at intersections)
Stage 3 - Complex traffic
Medium to high density traffic until confident, with the main focus on:
  • Using multi-lane road
  • Lane changes
  • Traffic lights
  • Schools and roadworks zones
  • Crossings eg (railway, pedestrian)
  • Shopping centres
  • Merging in and out of traffic

Our Ebook

We are currently in the process of creating an ebook on 'How to Drive a Automatic or Manual Car'.
You can download a sample of this guide now by clicking on the links below.

If you would like to order the E Book when it is finished or for any feedback or general enquiries about it. please contact us here.

How to Drive an Automatic Car - pdf (10 pages, 530KB)

How to Drive a Manual Car - pdf (6 pages, 428KB)

Keys2Drive Program

Keys2drive is a program thats helps new drivers prepare for the realities of p-plate driving.
Keys2drive is providing a free session, funded by the Australian Government, to beginning drivers and the supervisor driver (mum or dad) together with a Keys2Drive accredited professional driving instructor.

To receive your free Keys2Drive session you must register with the Keys2Drive website here
Once you register you will receive an email with a registration number.
Then you can ring Drive Right and supply your registration number to make a booking.

For more information please visit the Keys2Drive website http://www.keys2drive.com.au

NSW Aged Driver Assessments

In N.S.W when you reach 85 years of age, in addition to the annual medical examination, you are required to pass a practical driving assessment every second year (age 85, 87, 89 etc). This driving assessment can be taken at the RTA or with an RTA Accredited Driving assessor.

Drive Right is an authorised RTA Aged Driver Assessor which means that you can recieve refresher lessons before taking your driving assessment with the same instructor!

Driver Evaluation Reports

Drive Right offers driving evaluations which are assessed on driving skills such as Vehicle Craft, Traffic Skills, Road Craft and Road Rules.

Driving evaluation reports are useful for businesses that require employees to have competent driving abilities, aged drivers who are re-sitting their driving test and drivers who would like to have their driving abilities assessed.

Car Usage During Test

Driving school vehicles

Drive Right offers students to option to use a Drive Right vehicle during the test.
This has many advantages for the student such as:
  • If in Victoria you will have the Drive Right instructor with you in the passenger seat.
  • You take the test in the car you have been training in and are comfortable with.
  • You don't need to ensure that your car fits the criteria to be accepted as a testing vehicle.
  • You can have a lesson right before the test so you can get in the right frame of mind and feel more confident.
If a Drive Right vehicle is to be used in the driving test, the instructor will do the booking for the test.

The Drive Right vehicles can only be used in a driving test if the instructor himself, (Jeff), considers the learner is confident and ready for the test, otherwise the Drive Right vehicle cannot be used.

Private Vehicles

You may supply your own vehicle to take during the test.
If you do you must ensure that your vehicle meets the following criteria:
  • Must be roadworthy
  • Currently registered
  • Have seat belts for all occupants
  • Fitted with L Plates
  • Speedo must be in working order
  • Must be able to open the doors from the inside (Automatic locking system and child locks must disabled)
  • If fitted with cruise control or speed warning device, the device must be off during the test
In Victoria your car must also meet these criteria:
  • Hand brake must be fitted centrally where it can be reach from the front passenger seat
  • Able to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • Able to see the speedo clearly from the front passenger seat
  • Headlights must on low beam during the test

3 for 1 logbook hours

Looking to boost up your logbook hours?
In NSW, 1 hour with a driving instructor will equal 3 hours for your logbook.
The hours get capped at 10 driving lesson hours which can equal 30 logbook hours for you.
A night lesson will be recorded as 1 hour of night driving and 2 hours of day driving in your logbook.
Note that this is not available in Victoria at the moment.